The Chew: Helio Castrovenes Barbecues & Ultimate BBQ Cookout Countdown


The Chew May 17 2013 Preview

Recapo Update – Here are the segments from today’s show:

The Chew: Chicken Stuffed Pastries Recipe & Chicken Fried Steak Recipe

The Chew: Clinton Kelly’s Chicken Francese Recipe & Long Island Medium

The Chew: Stephanie Izard’s Sloppy Goats Recipe & Chicago Burgers

On “Extra Value Friday,” May 17 2013, Yvette Brown of Community will be co-hosting the Memorial Day Barbecue edition of The Chew. The barbecue will be cooked up by Indy racer Helio Castrovenes. There will also be a sneak peek of this Saturday’s special primetime edition of The Chew – Ultimate BBQ Cookout Countdown.


The Chew: Helio Castrovenes Barbecues & Ultimate BBQ Cookout Countdown

The Chew will be showing us some barbecue recipes tomorrow.

Helio Castrovenes Barbecues

It seems that cars driving very fast around a track brings guys together in a soup of beer, burgers and other masculine stereotypes. Given that Memorial Day weekend has a lot to do with cooking out and looking for an excuse to drink, it makes a lot of sense that the Chew crew would bring on an actual race car driver to help cook up a barbecue.

Though you might be puzzled as to why he is on The Chew, there is no questioning as to why he is on the track. The Brazilian auto racing driver currently has 21 wins and 32 poles under his belt. He also never ranked below 6th in the standings of a complete season of racing until 2011, when he placed eleventh.


The Chew: Ultimate BBQ Cookout Countdown Preview

There will be a special edition of The Chew on Saturday, May 18 2013 titled Ultimate BBQ Cookout Countdown, and the Chew crew will be giving us a sneak peek of what we will be treated to.

I’ve got to say, I wonder just what barbecue-oriented things they will be counting down. Will Hank Hill make an appearance to list the top five grilling fuels? All of which would be propane? Will they be counting down the top five grilling accidents? Probably not that second one. Seeing some redneck simpletons blow something up would be a little macabre for something as light-hearted as The Chew.

I’m not so good at this…so the jury will just have to be out until tomorrow.


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