The Chew: Hard-Boiled Easter Eggs, Chocolate Bunnies & Leg of Lamb


The Chew March 22 2013

Get ready for Easter with the perfect table for the spring holiday, with contributions from Mario Batali for your main course of Grilled Leg of Lamb. Plus, Carla Hall is making easy hard-boiled Easter eggs, and Clinton Kelly will help you decorate them in the Craft Corner. Here’s what’s coming up on the Easter edition of Extra Value Friday.

The Chew: Easter Grilled Leg of Lamb Recipe

The Chew: Hard-Boiled Easter Eggs, Chocolate Bunnies & Leg of Lamb

The Chew March 22 2013 features ideas for perfect hard-boiled Easter Eggs and dye techniques, a Leg of Lamb Recipe with Easter sides, and chocolate bunnies.


Just in time for Easter, Mario Batali is making his Grilled Leg of Lamb Recipe on The Chew March 22 2013, and it comes with fresh seasonal accompaniments. To go with the main course, Batali is creating Mint Pesto, Braised Scallions, and Potatoes. That’s a filling and delicious holiday meal that everyone can enjoy together.

Do you celebrate Easter or Passover? If so, what is your favorite type of dish to make for the occasion? You can get Mario’s recipes right here after the show.

The Chew: Easter Eggs & Hard-Boiled Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs are perfect for any Easter Egg Hunt that may be entertaining kids in your neighborhood or at church this time of year. But if you have trouble making your hard-boiled eggs come out just right, fear not. Carla Hall will be explaining the tricks and secrets to solving this problem once and for all on The Chew for March 22 2013. It doesn’t get much more Extra Value than that.


The Chew: Silk-Dyed & Herb Silhouette Eggs

In Clinton’s Craft Corner, you will have the chance to decorate your eggs in a stylish and budget-conscious manner. Clinton Kelly is showing The Chew crew how to make Silk-Dyed and Herb Silhouette Eggs for Easter. That’s also on this Friday episode of The Chew, and it’s the perfect time of year for egg decorating advice you can put to use.

The Chew: Conrad’s Confectionery Chocolate Bunnies

‘Tis the season for a chocolate bunny, and Carla is visiting Westwood, New Jersey, the home of Conrad’s Confectionery, where visitors will find a gigantic chocolate Easter bunny. That’s all coming up on The Chew for March 22 2013, so don’t miss the show. Plus, check our website for recipes and information after the broadcast.


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