The Chew: Fine Dining On A Dime & One Life To Live’s Tuc Watkins


The Chew April 29 2013

Recapo update: Here are the recipes from this show.

You don’t have to go broke to have a fine dining experience. I’d say that is almost a theme of The Chew, which is always giving away restaurant secrets to help you succeed in home cooking. For the April 29 2013 show, The Chew will be illustrating this message in an episode called Fine Dining On A Dime.


The Chew: Fine Dining At Home

The Chew: Fine Dining On A Dime & One Life To Live's Tuc Watkins

One Life To Live star Tuc Watkins is a guest on The Chew’s April 29 show. (Featureflash /

Sometimes you want to escape to a restaurant to get out of your surroundings and let someone else do all the work. But if it is true that your home is your castle, now and then a royal meal is probably in order.

That doesn’t mean you have to spend hours in the kitchen, slaving over a hot stove. In fact, you can find recipes that reduce prep time or let you do some of the work the night before, so you can just throw and go when it’s time to fire up the stovetop or oven.


Get The Chew’s secrets to making great food look amazing and easy by saving money and time in your preparation. The less time you have to spend making it, the sooner you can eat it, after all.

The Chew: Tuc Watkins

You may have heard that some cancelled soaps are finding new life in online revivals. All My Children is coming back. So is One Life To Live, and soap star Tuc Watkins is a guest on The Chew’s Monday, April 29 episode, the same day the soaps return online with all new shows.

Find out what’s in store for soap fans since the stories last left off, and learn the new ways to watch these popular daily dramas.

That’s all coming up on The Chew. Don’t miss out on a moment. If you don’t have time to see the episode, we will have recipes for you after it airs on TV.


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