The Chew: Federal Donuts Review & Carla Hall Dessert Recipes


The Chew April 17 2013

Recapo update: Make the recipes from this show.

The Chew has another new episode this Wednesday, April 17 2013. Get ready for a Sugar Rush, as the hosts show off their favorite desserts. You know that means Carla Hall will be in the spotlight for her sweet treats. Plus, Jason Roberts travels to Philadelphia with a Federal Donuts review.


The Chew: Federal Donuts Review

The Chew: Federal Donuts Review & Carla Hall Dessert Recipes

The Chew April 17 2013 will feature a visit to Philadelphia and a Federal Donuts review of the popular shop. Plus, Carla Hall and friends share desserts.

The Chew correspondent Jason Roberts will be taking viewers to Federal Donuts, a shop in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. What makes this place such a hot spot for the perfect breakfast snack? Whoever thought of having dessert for breakfast is probably a genius.

Just remember, to paraphrase the Cookie Monster, that donuts are a sometimes food. (Bonus: seeing calories on TV doesn’t count as eating them.) The Chew goes inside Federal Donuts on April 17 2013.


The Chew: Carla Hall Dessert Recipes

Top Chef Carla Hall is more than just a former model and a co-host of The Chew. She is also a seasoned chef with many years of experience. But her favorite focus these days seems to be on the world of desserts. She is always creating decadent and sinful ways to finish up your meal.

Sometimes you can get a sugar high just from listening to her talk about the secrets to making the perfect dessert. I’d be willing to bet that she will enlist her cohort, Daphne Oz, in a dessert recipe on the April 17 2013 episode.

Plus, at least one of the other Chew crew members is certain to have a dessert idea of his own to bring to the tasting table. That’s all coming up on a new episode of The Chew.

Don’t miss out! If you can’t see the show on TV, be sure to check back for recipes and recaps after it airs. We’ve got TV covered on Recapo.


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