The Chew February 7: Chocolate Dessert Recipes & Yvette Nicole Brown


Recapo Update: The articles for this episode are now online. Take a look at each segment below.

The Chew: Carla & Clinton’s Triple Chocolate Whoopie Pie Cake Recipe


The Chew: Chocolate Hazelnut Cake Recipe & Yvette Nicole Brown

The Chew: Chocolate Hazelnut Cake Recipe & Yvette Nicole Brown

The Chew February 7 2013

Obviously, The Chew hosts just can’t get enough dessert! After just recently dedicating an entire episode to desserts with domestic diva Martha Stewart, the gang is back at it with a decadent chocolate desserts special. Clinton, Carla, Daphne, Michael and Mario will all be sharing delicious recipes featuring one of my personal favorite foods, chocolate.


The Chew February 8: Chocolate Dessert Recipes & Yvette Nicole Brown

The Chew February 8 will feature decadent recipes featuring chocolate and the hilarious star of Community, Yvette Nicole Brown.

Plus, Daphne Oz will be sampling chef Hubert Keller’s famous chocolate souffle (yum!) and Community star Yvette Nicole Brown will be stopping by. Here’s more information on this upcoming episode. Then, don’t forget to catch up with recipes and more on The Chew February 7 with Recapo. It’s the perfect preview for the upcoming chocolate-themed holiday, Valentine’s Day!

The Chew: Yvette Nicole Brown Interview

Hopefully actress/comedian Yvette Nicole Brown likes chocolate! Yvette’s show, Community, is now returning for its fourth season on NBC. After an unexpected delay, the critically acclaimed comedy and cult favorite is back for lots more fun from the fictional Greendale Community College. Yvette will be sharing news on Community’s highly anticipated fourth season with the hosts. Plus, the hilarious star will be whipping up something delicious on The Chew February 8.

The Chew: Ultimate Chocolate Desserts Special

What’s your favorite chocolate dessert? It’s difficult to choose, because pretty much everything tastes better with chocolate! And isn’t chocolate supposed to be good for you? The Chew hosts have shared many dessert recipes that feature chocolate, but I don’t think they’ve ever had an entire chocolate-themed episode. The Chew February 7 will be a must-see for any fan of the show, or any chocolate lover (of which there are many). Be sure to tune in tomorrow!


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