The Chew February 14: Romantic Dinner Recipes For Valentine’s Day


Recapo Update: The articles for this episode of The Chew are now online. Take a look at each segment below.

The Chew: Valentine’s Day, Pizza Hut Perfume & ChocolatRouge Review


The Chew: Katie Lowes “Scandal” & Michael’s Slow-Roasted Salmon Recipe

The Chew: Root Vegetable Farrotto Recipe & Valentine’s Day Gifts

The Chew: Carla Hall’s Valentine’s Day Date & Chocolate Cobbler Recipe


The Chew February 14 2013 Preview

Another Valentine’s Day is already upon us, so how are you planning to celebrate? You might want to consider spending some quality time with the hosts of The Chew. Clinton, Carla, Daphne, Michael and Mario are throwing a Valentine’s Day party on February 14, and everyone’s invited.

The Chew February 14: Romantic Dinner Recipes For Valentine's Day

The Chew February 14 2013 will feature tips and recipes for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner.

Plus, Scandal star Katie Lowes will be stopping by. Learn helpful tips, tricks and of course, recipes, for enjoying the best Valentine’s Day ever on The Chew February 14.

The Chew: Michael Symon’s Tips For a Romantic Dinner

Chef Michael Symon will be sharing his tips for a romantic dinner for two on The Chew February 14. Michael and his wife, Liz, have been married for many years, so he’s pretty much an expert on this topic. On the show, Michael has expressed before how much he enjoys cooking a nice meal with Liz and relaxing by the fire. Sounds like the perfect date to me! Carla Hall will also be visiting a couple who need a bit of help in the romance department.

If you’re planning a special dinner for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day, definitely tune in for Michael and Carla’s tips. Plus, Mario Batali and Daphne Oz will be preparing delicious side dishes, perfect for complementing whatever the Dish of the Day may be.

The Chew: Valentine’s Day Gifts

Still need a last minute gift? Find out what The Chew hosts have to say on the topic of Valentine’s Day gifts. Also, there will be tips from Clinton Kelly, although I’m not quite sure what they’ll be. Maybe a Valentine’s edition of Clinton’s Craft Corner?

Whether you’re married, dating or single, The Chew February 14 will be one Valentine’s Day special that everyone can agree on.


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