The Chew Extra Value Friday: Summer Slim Down With Daphne Oz


The Chew April 26 2013

Recapo update: Here are the recipes from this show.

The Chew is wrapping up your week by getting you ready for summer. On April 26 2013, it’s Extra Value Friday, and that means it is time to save money and look great with recipes from your favorite TV chefs. Get ready for sizzle and the flavors of summer, all while envisioning those perfect weekend days spent on the beach. It’s The Chew’s Summer Slim Down.


The Chew: Extra Value Friday

The Chew Extra Value Friday: Summer Slim Down With Daphne Oz

The Chew’s April 26 show is a Summer Slim Down special edition of the cheap and easy Extra Value Friday series of recipes, with tweaks from Daphne Oz.

Extra Value Friday is the time each week when you can stretch your dollar even further than usual. Make the most of your meal budget by finding ways to do more with less and always keep full bellies and smiling faces around your dinner table.

The next Extra Value Friday on The Chew is coming up April 26. Are you ready?


This week will be yet another opportunity to save money and feel good doing it. Be sure to check back or follow us on Pinterest to get these Extra Value Friday recipes after the show.

The Chew: Summer Slim Down

With summer approaching fast, it’s time to plan what the perfect long weekends are going to look like as you lay out and work on the tan or show off the body you worked hard on all winter and spring.

If you haven’t had the chance to make the fitness progress you wanted, that’s OK. You can get started, and Daphne Oz will have some encouragement on The Chew’s April 26 show.

She is demonstrating how to make the Dish of the Day more bikini body-friendly by making a few simple tweaks. How’s that for extra value?

Don’t forget, we always have the recipes ready and waiting for you after the show. If you can’t watch it live, we have you covered, and now you don’t have to wonder what’s for dinner this weekend.


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