The Chew: Extra Value Friday Cash Back & Paula Deen’s Son Jamie Deen


The Chew April 19 2013

Extra Value Friday is all new this week with a visit from Chef Jamie Deen. Don’t miss your chance to load up on money saving recipes in this Cash Back Edition of the weekly cheap recipes episode.

The Chew: Extra Value Friday – Cash Back Edition

The Chew: Extra Value Friday Cash Back & Paula Deen's Son Jamie Deen

On The Chew April 19, Paula Deen’s son, Jamie Deen, will be joining the crew for a Cash Back edition of Extra Value Friday, with low-cost family recipes. (kai hecker /


You know you don’t have to spend a fortune to cook well for yourself and your family. But what if you could actually make a smarter plan to save even more money and manage your budget even more effectively? For The Chew April 19 2013, you can get some ideas to do just that and put more money back in your wallet after you are done planning meals for the week.

Saving money tastes great, and since you are making food at home, you don’t have to worry about feeling bad when the check comes. In fact, you could even come out ahead after this episode.

The Chew: Chef Jamie Deen

Before you ever heard of Jamie Deen, you probably knew his mother’s name. He is one of the sons of celebrity chef Paula Deen. While Paula Deen became known due to her overwhelming fondness for butter and her eventual Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis, her sons seem to have taken a more moderate approach to food.


Bobby Deen released a cookbook featuring lighter versions of his mother’s recipes. Now Jamie Deen is working on a cookbook of his very own. Jamie Deen is also the host of a Food Network series called Home For Dinner.

His family-friendly cookbook, Good Food, is scheduled to be released in September 2013. In the meantime, you can watch him helping The Chew crew find ways to save money in the home kitchen on Extra Value Friday, with the show’s April 19 2013 episode.

Be sure to check back here after the broadcast and get the recipes you missed, as well as details on what else Jamie is cooking up in his spare time.


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