The Chew: Delicious Farm Fresh Recipes & Summer Cocktail Recipe


The Chew June 2, 2015 Preview

Recapo Update: Here are the articles for this episode:

The Chew has a great episode on June 2, 2015, sharing some great recipes fresh from the market and visiting the Ma’O Farms in Wianae, Hawaii. Check it all out below!


The Chew crew will be making plenty of delicious farm fresh dishes on their show June 2, 2015. (martellostudio /

The Chew crew will be making plenty of delicious farm fresh dishes on their show June 2, 2015. (martellostudio /

The Chew: Farm Fresh Recipes

Now that we’re moving into summertime, there are plenty of delicious, great farm fresh ingredients out there to celebrate and cook with. That’s why The Chew crew is providing plenty of recipes for us to choose from and learn how to make so we can impress our friends and family, as well as please our taste buds. It’s always a good thing to have a special farm fresh recipe in your back pocket and luckily, The Chew is providing us with some.

One of these recipes is a Coconut Pineapple Marinated Pork Loin with a Baby Lettuce Salad recipe, which sounds absolutely amazing. Plus, Clinton Kelly is making one of his favorite summer cocktail recipes.


The Chew: Ma’o Farms

Then, The Chew crew will visit the Ma’o Farms in Waianae, Hawaii. Ma’o Farms was established to help underprivileged youth, sustainable economic development, organic agriculture, health and well being, and Hawaiian culture. These are all wonderful things to promote and I’m really excited to hear more about this great and innovative farm!

Usually, when The Chew visits a farm like this, they make a recipe with ingredients from the farm. I’m excited to see which fresh farm ingredients they’ll be bringing back into the kitchen to cook with.

Tune into The Chew for all of this and so much more on June 2, 2015! And be sure to let us know in the comments which segment you’re most looking forward to seeing!


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