The Chew: Cooking For Mom – Chocolate Mousse Recipe & Gnocchi Recipe


The Chew: May 6 2013

Recapo Update: Here are the segments from this episode.

The Chew: Gnocchi Recipe – Gnocchi all’Amatriciana By Mario Batali

The Chew: Mother’s Day Chocolate Mousse Recipe By Carla Hall

The Chew: Strip Steak Recipe with Compound Butter By Michael Symon

Cooking class is back in session, it would seem. With all the recent fuss about some holiday called “Mother’s Day,” I suppose it makes sense that they will be teaching a few select views how to prepare gnocchi and a chocolate mousse recipe for mom on her big day.


The Chew: Cooking For Mother’s Day

The Chew: Cooking For Mom - Chocolate Mousse Recipe, Gnocchi Recipe

The Chew gives us a chocolate mousse recipe, gnocchi recipe and the directions to make them on May 6.

You know, I could probably use this one for a couple of reasons. Call me a terrible son, but I have no idea what I will do for my mother on Mother’s Day. In my defense, she does live four hours away, but I just get this gnawing feeling that sending her an email about how much I love or texting her, “Hap-e Mothr’s Dai! lol” might rub her the wrong way.

I haven’t ever been a spectacular cook – or a cook at all, really. I own one pan on which I make plain chicken breast and a pot in which I make canned vegetables. Oh! Can’t forget the trusty microwave that got me through college with the oh-so-delightful Ramen Noodles. As you can see by taking a cursory glance at my culinary resume, there is little on there worth talking about.


The Chew: Chocolate Mousse Recipe

I’ve mostly been a screw-up where all food-related endeavors are concerned. Having turned a grilled cheese to charcoal before and even managing to mess up Mac and Cheese (apparently, it doesn’t need enough time in the pot to justify taking a nap while you are waiting on it to be ready).

Now, I’ve been exposed to plenty of recipes, but never actually carried any of them out. If I could get my hands on a chocolate mousse recipe, and a gnocchi recipe and actually know how to make them, I imagine that I will sound a lot less like a bum.


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