The Chew Coast to Coast: Boston & New England


The Chew: Boston Recipes

The Chew is spending a week traveling all across America to find out what makes our regional food favorites so fun and flavorful. After kicking things off with Southern recipes in Atlanta, Georgia, the team is ready to scour the rest of the country for more fresh ideas, coming up on the May 22 2012 episode.

The Chew Coast to Coast: Boston

The Chew Coast to Coast tour makes a stop in Boston's North End on the May 22 2012 episode.


The next all new episode of The Chew will take you inside the kitchens of the East Coast. Travel with the show’s correspondent to Boston, Massachusetts to get the secrets behind some local favorites.

What makes Boston’s approach to pizza so unique? Everyone has their own favorite style, but what sets Boston apart when it comes to one of the most beloved meals in America? You’ll have to tune in to find out when The Chew Coast to Coast tour stops in Boston.

The Chew: New England Recipes

What sets Boston’s seafood apart from the Southern BBQ Shrimp of the Gulf Coast? Every state and region has ways of making favorite dishes and dinners uniquely their own, and you’ll get to see for yourself how they do it in Beantown when The Chew Coast to Coast cuisine tour travels through Boston on the all new May 22 2012 episode.


Get ready for great tasting East Coast traditions, plus a little something for dessert, courtesy of Carla Hall. You won’t want to miss New England cuisine from Boston’s famed North End, plus more tasty treats and surprises, so don’t forget to tune in or set your DVR.

What’s your favorite regional cuisine? Whatever the answer, it’s great to live in a land with so many creative choices, options, and alternatives. One of the greatest pleasures of food is that there’s always something new to explore. Whether you love road trips or just trying new things, you don’t ever have to be bored when you’re in search of some of the country’s favorite foods.

It’s all new, and the The Chew Coast to Coast Road Trip continues on the May 22 2012 episode. You wouldn’t skip a meal, and you shouldn’t miss The Chew either. Warning: don’t watch on an empty stomach.


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