The Chew: Clinton Kelly’s Husband Damon Bayles & Viewer Vote Recipes


The Chew February 25 2013

Recapo update: Here are the recipes from this show.

The Chew: Clinton Kelly's Husband Damon Bayles & Viewer Vote Recipes

On The Chew February 25 2013, Clinton Kelly will introduce his husband, Damon Bayles, to the audience during a tour of their home and kitchen. (Helga Esteb /



  1. carol says

    Your husband is gorgeous.
    You are blessed to find someone to love and


    • Maleficent says

      People like you are unnecessary and do nothing but take up space on the planet. Crawl back into the ooze.

      • Rod Bowman says

        Comments like that are why the world is the way it is today!!! So sad… If you have nothing nice to say , Don’t say anything…..

  2. Jordan Lindsay Burman says

    I think the last comment was unnecessary. If you dont agree with someones choices in life keep it to urself. It is their life to live not yours. God truly loves everyone. Congrats Clinton and Damon

  3. lucy wright says

    I love you and all the chew. its not my business what your personal life is. God bless you & keep those recipes comin!

  4. David P. Lewis says

    I enjoy watching “The Chew” whenever I get the opportunity. In the mornings I visit my elderly mother(93) at her nursing home and take her on rides around our city(Columbus, Ohio). I return home to watch “The Chew” and relax. Watching your show sort of makes me feel like I have something of a family.

  5. Maleficent says

    S.E.G.–You’re an abomination and a total waste of space. Congrats to Clinton and Damon–love the show! ♥

  6. Trish kelly says

    I don’t care what you do on your personal time it’s your business. I only care about an interesting show. I love the chew and your life is your own :). Was on the show a few years ago and trying to get on again.

  7. Rod Bowman says

    Clinton….The Chew and you are the best!!!!! It’s sad we have so many Judges who are close minded….Hold your head up God loves you!!!!

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