The Chew: Chicken Francaise Recipe & Garlic and Polenta with Mushrooms


The Chew March 8 2013

Recapo update: Here are this episode’s segments.

Get ready to laugh all the way to the bank (or maybe just the grocery store) on this week’s edition of Extra Value Friday. To end each week, The Chew crew comes up with some of their best ideas to save you money (and maybe even time) putting together meals that your whole family can enjoy. On the menu this week are Chicken Francaise and and Escarole recipe.


The Chew 5 in 5: Chicken Francaise Recipe

The Chew: Chicken Francaise Recipe & Garlic and Polenta with Mushrooms

The Chew March 8 2013 is celebrating Extra Value Friday with a Chicken Francaise recipe, as well as Mario’s Garlic and Polenta with Mushrooms side dish.

For The Chew’s 5 in 5, chefs are tasked with putting together an affordable and simple dish using just five ingredients, in only five minutes. Up to bat this week is Michael Symon, who will be preparing a Chicken Francaise Recipe. It sounds fancy, but remember, this is Extra Value Friday, so you know it will not break the bank. What’s better than an entree you can feel good about?

The Chew: Mario Batali Escarole Recipe

Chef Mario Batali is never one to shy away from a cooking challenge. He is making two great side dishes to complete the Extra Value Friday dinner menu. Get ready for his tantalizing sides.


He will be preparing an Escarole Recipe with Chiles, as well as a Garlic and Polenta with Mushrooms dish. Polenta can be great when it is made properly, but sometimes that can be hard to do well. I hope Mario has a few good secrets to share when he cooks these in The Chew kitchen on Friday, March 8 2013.

The Chew: Ink Dye Coasters

Finally, Extra Value Friday will take us into Clinton’s Craft Corner, where Clinton Kelly will be showing everyone how to create Ink Dye Coasters. Who says you have to shop at an upscale store to find trendy accessories and decor for your home? Do it yourself with inspiration from style and crafting expert Clinton Kelly.

Get all the instructions and recipes from these segments right here on Recapo after the show on March 8 2013.


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