The Chew: Chef Curtis Stone & Income Tax Day Money Saving Recipes


The Chew April 15 2013

Recapo update: Get the recipes from this show.

The Chew kicks off another all new week of episodes featuring some great celebrity guests, coming up starting on Tax Day, Monday, April 15 2013, with Curtis Stone.


The Chew: Income Tax Day

The Chew: Chef Curtis Stone & Income Tax Day Money Saving Recipes

Chef Curtis Stone will bring his money-saving recipe ideas and latest cookbook, What’s For Dinner, to a new episode of The Chew on Tax Day, April 15 2013. (Phil Stafford /

April 15 is an important date for most US citizens, because it is the deadline to pay your income tax. On The Chew, find out how you can stretch your food budget to get the most out of every dollar.

It makes sense that these chefs have frugal advice. They are always sharing money-saving tricks for Extra Value Friday, and you do not get to be a successful restaurateur by wasting food or money. Find out what they are recommending to trim the fat in your kitchen on a new episode of The Chew for Monday, April 15 2013.


The Chew: Chef Curtis Stone

The Chew’s Money Saving Monday will have some extra special help. Guest chef Curtis Stone will be in the kitchen to contribute his own money-saving meals and ways to make your dinner taste like it would at a fancy restaurant for the price of fast food.

What is Chef Curtis Stone whipping up for The Chew crew? We won’t know for sure until Monday, but you can bet that his new cookbook will come into play.

The Chew: Curtis Stone What’s For Dinner Review

Curtis Stone is the man behind the new What’s For Dinner cookbook, and I know that’s a question I ask multiple times each week. His book features a different approach to meals depending on the night of the week.

In a visit to Dr Oz’s show, Curtis explained his Weekly Dinner Plans and advice for cooking on a budget. It sounds like he will be in the right frame of mind to hang out with Daphne Oz and continue the Money Saving Monday theme.

If you’re still finishing your taxes at the last minute and can’t watch, don’t worry. We will have all the recipes you need after the show on Monday, April 15 2013.


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