The Chew: Big Dipper, Dip Etiquette & Soft Serve Dip Cone


The Chew March 14 2013

Recapo update: Here are the recipes from this show.

There is something undeniably attractive about dip when it comes to food. If you take any basic food and add something it can be dipped into, suddenly the possibilities expand and even people who hate vegetables are hovering around the snack tray. The Thursday, March 14 2013 episode of The Chew is all about dips and other party snacks. It sounds like tasty treats are in store.


The Chew: Big Dipper

The Chew: Big Dipper, Dip Etiquette & Soft Serve Dip Cone

The Chew March 14 2013 is having a Big Dipper themed episode, sharing some popular and creative dips for appetizers, entrees, and even desserts.

What is your favorite dip? I am addicted to tortilla chips, so I would have to go with either a salsa or guacamole. But there are all kinds of dips out there, including queso, fondue, bean dip, and more.

Given the culinary talents among The Chew crew, I bet we are in store for some surprising and sinful creations. You never know what this team is going to be whipping up.


Tell me your favorite in the comments section below, and check back after the episode to learn about the new dips being featured on the show.

The Chew: Soft Serve Dip Cone

The great thing about dips is that they are not just for snacking. They can also make some great desserts, as we will see on the Big Dipper episode of The Chew. Find out how Carla Hall is making a Soft Serve Dip Cone Pie Dipper Recipe as a finishing touch on the day’s other dippable treats. THat’s coming up on The Chew this Thursday, March 14 2013.

The Chew: Dip Etiquette

Plus, Clinton Kelly will hold court in another installment of Dear Fabby, his entertaining advice segment. Find out his best tips for the proper ways to serve dips at dinners or parties when entertaining a variety of guests. Learn what to do and what not to do from Clinton and his advice.


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