The Chew: Batali Brothers Cookbook Review & Italian Hamburger


The Chew: June 3 2013

Recapo Update: Here are the segments from today’s show:

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The Chew: Carla Hall’s Strawberry Napoleon Recipe & Vanilla Cream

The Chew: Batali Brothers Cookbook Review & Italian Hamburger

Mario Batali and his sons will be previewing their book Batali Brothers Cookbook and showing us their version of a hamburger.


On The Chew June 3 2013, Mario Batali will discuss his new book, Batali Brothers Cookbook along with his two sons, Benno Batali and Leo Batali, and make a burger Batali style. Then Chew correspondent Jamika Passoa will travel to San Francisco, where she will be visiting Stacked, a restaurant that thinks that several layers are better than one where food is concerned.

The Chew: Batali Brothers Cookbook Review

It is clear that Mario Batali taught his sons well if, at ages 14 and 16, Leo Batali and Benno Batali are already being featured in their own cookbook. Though it says right on the cover that there are additional recipes from Mario Batali, these kids couldn’t have gotten their own cookbook if they didn’t have some cooking chops. As it turns out, the book was written in honor of Mario’s 50th birthday.

It looks like the Batali clan will be showing us their unique take on a burger, making this episode pretty difficult to predict. Since Mario is an expert on the history of Italian cuisine, it is probably safe to say there will be some sort of Italian spin on the burger.


After doing a little research on Italian Hamburgers, it looks like these could be burgers topped with tomato sauce or even put over spaghetti. The possibilities are pretty much endless, so this will no doubt be interesting to check out.

The Chew: Stacked San Francisco Review

Stacked is a restaurant that is all about taking your favorite foods and then making them much, much bigger in a vertical direction. I wonder what foods they have there and if we are going to get any recipes out of this visit?


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