The Chew: Ashley Tisdale Clipped, Fish Recipes & Jesse Palmer


The Chew June 18, 2015 Preview

The Chew has a great episode on June 18, 2015, talking to Ashley Tisdale about ClippedPlus, Jesse Palmer will come by as a guest co-host and The Chew crew will share plenty of great fish recipes.

Ashley Tisdale will come by The Chew on June 18, 2015, to talk about her new show 'Clipped'. (Helga Esteb /

Ashley Tisdale will come by The Chew on June 18, 2015, to talk about her new show ‘Clipped’. (Helga Esteb /


The Chew: Ashley Tisdale Clipped

Ashley Tisdale was one of the biggest stars of the High School Musical series and she turned her appearances in those movies into a semi-successful solo music career, as well as a consistent acting career. She appeared in a short-lived television show called Hellcatswhich was a show that was sort of like Bring It On meets John Grisham, which apparently was the mash-up no one but me was looking for, since it got cancelled. I watched it the way I imagine a lot of people watch reality TV. I just had to know what was going to happen, because everything that was happening was so bizarre.

That show was about a law student who needed a scholarship to continue to go to school, so she joins the cheerleading team in order to fund her schooling. Half the show was cheerleading events and the other half was her working on a season-long case. Ashley Tisdale played the head cheerleader.

Upon reflection, it really wasn’t that good. Ashley Tisdale’s new show Clipped also seems like kind of a weird concept. It’s a sitcom about a group of barbers. The preview revealed the typical formula of a workplace comedy: a will they/won’t they couple, a wacky boss, and an excessive amount of one-liners.


But maybe it’ll be better than I think it’ll be. We’ll have to tune in on June 18, 2015, to find out for sure, when Ashley Tisdale tells The Chew crew all about it!


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