The Chew: Tex-Mex Takeover, Shrimp Rock Tortas & Guacamole Bar


The Chew February 26 2014

Recapo update: Here are the recipes from this show.

Are you ready for a fiesta? The Chew is having a Tex-Mex Takeover on the Wednesday, February 26 show, featuring some delicious meal ideas that come from the borderline to your kitchen table. Make something spicy and delicious for your friends and family as a reason to celebrate anytime with these Tex-Mex inspired meal suggestions from The Chew crew.


The Chew: Tex-Mex Takeover

The Chew: Tex-Mex Takeover, Shrimp Rock Tortas & Guacamole Bar

Have a fiesta with The Chew crew during their Tex-Mex Takeover on the February 26 episode, featuring Shrimp Rock Tortas, a Guacamole Bar, and much more!

Tex-Mex might be one of the oldest and most popular forms of fusion cuisine in the United States. It is inspired by the cuisine and culture of Mexico, with an American twist from the border crossing in Texas. Unlike a lot of more esoteric fusion combinations, this is something that can be found almost anywhere in America, from small towns to big cities and even chain restaurants.

It can also be found in your own kitchen when you use the spices and fresh ingredients that make Mexican food sing.


I’m just a sucker for chips and dip, so this episode of The Chew has it right where it wants me. Be sure to tune in and see what the hosts have in mind for their Tex-Mex menu offerings.

The Chew: Shrimp Rock Tortas & Chile Rellenos

Mario Batali always makes his meals a little extra special, going the distance to deliver something original to the plate or present familiar foods in a way you had not imagined before. For The Chew’s Tex-Mex Takeover, he will be sharing his recipe for Shrimp Rock Tortas with us.

Plus, Michael Symon is making a Mexican restaurant menu staple, Chile Rellenos. Yummy! I wonder what tips the guys will have for making these majestic meals at home. There’s always something more to learn in the kitchen, so I’ll be curious to hear how one of my favorite cuisines can be recreated without me having to leave the house.

To top it all off, Daphne Oz is serving up the Guacamole Bar of your dreams, so don’t miss The Chew on Wednesday, February 26.


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