The Chew: Sweets for Your Sweetie & Weight Watchers Search


The Chew February 12 2014

Recapo update: Here are the recipes from this show.

Chocolate Week is going down in the kitchen this week on The Chew, and you know the hosts are going to be on hand to share some of their best wares for this Wednesday’s episode. On February 12, the show is celebrating Sweets for Your Sweetie. Plus, the Search for the Weight Watchers Chef continues with part one of the final competition, when the remaining chefs prepare desserts.


The Chew: Sweets for Your Sweetie

The Chew: Sweets for Your Sweetie & Weight Watchers Search

The Chew is celebrating Sweets for Your Sweetie during Chocolate Week on the February 12 episode, featuring another Weight Watchers search cook-off.

Chocolate Week should be Carla Hall’s time to shine, and I am thrilled that she is finally taking over the kitchen on Wednesday’s Sweets for Your Sweetie episode. What will she be putting together? Since it is Chocolate Week, you can bet it will be something dark and sweet.

She is expected to make Chocolate Tuiles, which are a type of thin cookie. You can learn how she does it and try it yourself at home when you watch the episode on February 12. The guarantee is that if Carla is making them, you can definitely expect them to be delicious.


The Chew: Weight Watchers Search

This winter, The Chew crew has been searching for the Weight Watchers chef in a competition that has showcased some light, delicious, and practical recipes. But there’s one important element of any diet that the competition has yet to focus on, and that would be dessert.

You are going to want to see how the remaining contestants tickle your sweet tooth with their dessert creations for this week’s cook-off. The competition is coming to a close, so their decisions and offerings here could be critical. Tune in and try the recipes at home so you can taste along with the judges.

Also on the February 12 show, Judge Foodie is in session to preside over cases that have to do with love, relationships, and food. Can you love someone who has a different philosophy about the kitchen than you do? Get rulings and recipes this Wednesday.


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