The Chew: Spring Chicken, Sara Evans + Maria Menounos Stuffed Chicken


The Chew March 12 2014

The Chew is getting you in the mood for spring on the March 12 episode. This Wednesday, the hosts are having a Spring Chicken-themed hour. They will be getting some health in the kitchen from country music sensation Sara Evans. Here’s what they have on the menu for the next episode.

The Chew: Spring Chicken

The Chew: Spring Chicken, Sara Evans + Maria Menounos Stuffed Chicken

The Chew’s Spring Chicken episode will include a visit from country music star Sara Evans and a stuffed chicken recipe from Maria Menounos on March 12. (s_bukley /


There’s something about springtime (whenever it finally decides to arrive) that gives you fresh hope and makes you optimistic about everything the future may hold. The Chew crew is using this hour’s Spring Chicken theme to introduce you to some brand new chicken recipes that will give you some fresh meal options to share with friends and family as the snow melts and green things return to life.

What is your favorite way to enjoy chicken? The Chew hosts will be sharing some of their choices on the Wednesday, March 12 show.

The Chew: Sara Evans

Country music star Sara Evans has a new album out now called Slow Me Down, and she will be slowing down on Wednesday just long enough to make something delicious in the kitchen with a member of The Chew’s co-host team.


Find out what she is making and why fans are going to love her new music. That’s coming up during her March 12 visit.

The Chew: Maria Menounos Stuffed Chicken

For many people, family is where we learn our cooking traditions. Maria Menounos, the host of Extra, will be sharing counter space with her mother in Maria’s LA home when she lets The Chew cameras in while they work together on a Stuffed Chicken recipe.

Check out these meal ideas and guest appearances on the March 12 show. Maria Menounos seems to have made herself into a pop culture fixture, because her name is popping up everywhere lately. Good for her. I wonder what her mom thinks about being in front of the camera with Maria.


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