The Chew: Set It and Forget It Meals & Omar Epps Resurrection


The Chew March 6 2014

Recapo update: Here are the recipes from this show.

We’ve all heard the classic infomercial phrase “Set It and Forget It.” Those magic words are also the theme of The Chew’s March 6 episode, as the crew is joined by guest co-host Chris Harrison from The Bachelor. Also on the show this Thursday is actor Omar Epps, who can be seen in the new series Resurrection. Plus, Carla Hall gets to take us on a field trip.


The Chew: Set It and Forget It

The Chew: Set It and Forget It Meals & Omar Epps Resurrection

The Chew will show how to Set It and Forget It on a brand new hour of recipes and ideas, featuring Omar Epps from the new ABC drama Resurrection and guest host Chris Harrison on March 6. (Helga Esteb /

Do you love to cook but feel like you never have the time to get everything done? The Chew crew is going to help you tackle this problem on the Thursday episode when they feature Set It and Forget It recipes that you can whip up at your convenience.

Find out how you can make these meals with almost no preparation time and let them cook themselves while you are checking other items off your to-do list. That’s coming up on the brand new March 6 show, which features guest host Chris Harrison.


Fans know Chris from his hosting duties on The Bachelor franchise of dating reality shows. But I think he is trying to branch out and find a place for himself with other types of hosting gigs. He filled in with Kelly Ripa during her co-host search a few years ago, and maybe he’s ready to try something different after so many years of The Bachelor. See him in the kitchen on The Chew’s March 6 show.

The Chew: Omar Epps Resurrection

Omar Epps is a new addition to the ABC family as part of the cast in the new drama Resurrection. The new supernatural series, based on a bestselling novel, follows the chaos that ensues when people who died return to life seemingly unchanged.

For example, Jacob Langston, an eight-year-old drowning victim, returns to town 32 years later not having aged a day since his death. The big mystery surrounds what is going on with those who are subjects of Resurrection.

Epps will preview the series on Thursday’s hour of The Chew. Also on March 6, Carla Hall is taking us to the South Beach Food and Wine Festival. Be sure to watch!


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