The Chew: Rockin’ Casseroles & Rosie Perez Manicotti Recipe


The Chew March 3 2014

Recapo update: Here are the recipes from this show.

Start a new month with some warm and hearty meals when The Chew prepares an hour of Rockin’ Casseroles on the March 3 2014 episode of the show. This Monday, Rosie Perez is hanging out in the kitchen with Mario Batali, and The Chew crew will be preparing some of their favorite potluck dishes.


The Chew: Rockin’ Casseroles

The Chew: Rockin’ Casseroles & Rosie Perez Manicotti Recipe

The Chew is going retro with some recipes for Rockin’ Casseroles on the Monday, March 3 episode, featuring a visit from actress and author Rosie Perez.

The Chew’s Daphne Oz may be celebrating maternity leave at home with her family and enjoying the latest addition, but she also left us a gift beforehand by pre-taping some extra episodes of the show.

That’s why you will see her on Monday’s show making a Potato Apple Casserole Recipe. That sounds sweet and savory, which is a great flavor combination to balance in any dish, especially a casserole. Sometimes I feel like casseroles stray too far into savory territory, but they are still hearty and delicious.


But that’s not all. Pro team Carla Hall and Clinton Kelly will be challenging one another in the kitchen as they prepare to go head to head in a C&C Casserole Battle. Which of their dishes do you think the judges at the Tasting Table will prefer?

The Chew: Rosie Perez Manicotti Recipe

Rosie Perez is beloved for her work as an entertainer, and now she is sharing some juicy gossip in a tell-all book that is part autobiography, part guide to life. The book is called Handbook for an Unpredictable Life, and she is not sugarcoating it.

Perez will pair with Mario Batali in The Chew kitchen on Monday, March 3, as they prepare a satisfying manicotti recipe and discuss what she has cooking in her life and career now, with the book celebrating its first week on sale.

Check out all these delicious meal ideas and kitchen advice on The Chew this Monday.


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