The Chew: Paula Deen + Her Sons & Delicious Southern Cuisine Recipes


The Chew September 26, 2014 Preview

The Chew has a great episode September 26, 2014, whipping up some great Southern cuisine with the help of Paula Deen and her sons Jamie and Bobby. You won’t want to miss this one!

Paula Deen will come by The Chew with her sons September 26, 2014, to whip up a delicious Southern specialty dish. (s_bukley /

Paula Deen will come by The Chew with her sons September 26, 2014, to whip up a delicious Southern specialty dish. (s_bukley /


The Chew: Southern Cuisine

The Chew crew are promising us cuisine from “south of the Mason-Dixon line”, which hopefully means plenty of sweet potato pie, collard greens, fried chicken, chicken fried steak, and fried okra. Basically, it’s going to be a fried food fest.

But it could also mean dipping into the rich culinary traditions of Louisiana, including some jambalaya or maybe some delving into more unusual parts of the culinary canon, like fried alligator. That would be great.

There’s also Mexican cuisine, which you can find south of the South. Can we expect tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and foods of that nature? I hope so! I love Mexican cuisine, especially in colder weather, which is fast approaching us this fall.


The Chew: Paula Deen & Her Sons

Paula Deen will also swing by The Chew studio to whip up a southern specialty with the help of her sons, Jamie and Bobby. I have to say, I think this appearance will be interesting. It’s hard to disassociate Paula Deen with the rampant allegations of racism in the media firestorm from a while back and it’s interesting to see her in the kitchen again. Maybe she brought her kids with her to make her seem more friendly.

Will The Chew go somewhere they’ve never gone before and ask her about the controversy? Or will it be the elephant in the room? The allegations of racism are the only reason I know who Paula Deen is. I wonder whether they’ll discuss it or not.

We’ll have to tune into The Chew September 25, 2014 to find out! And whatever happens, I’m sure they’ll be plenty of delicious southern recipes!


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