The Chew: Michael Ealy About Last Night & Super Soul Food Recipes


The Chew February 4 2014

Recapo update: Here are the recipes from this show.

The Chew is spending a week spotlighting the hometown favorites of everyone in the crew. Take a visit to Cleveland, Michael Symon’s hometown, on Tuesday’s brand new Super Soul Food episode. Tune in for this and much more on the February 4 show.


The Chew: Super Soul Food

The Chew: Michael Ealy About Last Night & Super Soul Food Recipes

Actor Michael Ealy from About Last Night and Almost Human is visiting The Chew on Tuesday, February 4, to make a Soul Food recipe with Chef Mario Batali. (Joe Seer /

When you think of Soul Food, you probably think of the South, which means that Carla Hall is the show’s go-to expert on these matters. She is on call this Tuesday to produce a classic favorite soul food recipe, which means no one has to worry about getting traditions right.

What type of soul food dish should we expect from Carla? Her style of Southern cooking heavily features greens, but she is also fond of reminding us that “the flavor is in the brown.” Take a guess in the comments and tune in to see what she is actually serving.


The Chew: Michael Ealy About Last Night

Michael Ealy has one of those faces you just can’t forget. TV fans have probably seen him over the past few years in shows like The Good Wife and Californication. Now Ealy is part of the cast on the Fox drama Almost Human, and he will be hanging out on The Chew set this Tuesday, February 4.

Ealy is also the star of an upcoming movie, About Last Night, so you will get to hear about all his work when you check him out in the kitchen. There, he will be paired with Mario Batali, which means that virtually nothing can go wrong.

Be sure to check out Ealy’s skills behind the counter when you tune in for The Chew on Tuesday.

The Chew: Michael Symon Cleveland Fire Department

Also coming up on the next show, Michael Symon is taking a road trip of his own. The chef will return to his roots in Cleveland, where he is going to be preparing breakfast for some real life heroes who work for the city’s police department. What type of hearty breakfast can we expect him to serve these hard-working people who keep us safe?

Learn more about the food from this episode when you check back here after watching The Chew this Friday on ABC.


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