The Chew Mega Mash-Up Meals: Butter Fried Chicken & Cheesy Disco Fries


The Chew February 20 2014

Recapo update: Here are the recipes from this show.

There is always that family member who comes up with weird combinations that seem to freak out everyone else at the table. The Chew is showcasing some Mega Mash-Up Meals on Thursday, February 20, and this is a salute to everyone you know who loves flavors that don’t sound at first blush like they would go well together. Get some meal ideas you might never expect on this Thursday’s show.


The Chew: Mega Mash-Up Meals

The Chew Mega Mash-Up Meals: Butter Fried Chicken & Cheesy Disco Fries

For two great tastes that taste great together, The Chew is presenting Mega Mash-Up Meals on Thursday, February 20, with unexpected but satisfying combos.

There are some things that we all associate as food pairs. Peanut butter and jelly are near the top of that list. I’d even put a hamburger and French fries out there as a popular top-of-mind combination. For people of a certain age, pork chops and applesauce go hand in hand. There are probably many more (like ketchup and mustard), and you should share your own favorite contributions in the comments section.

On February 20, The Chew is entering uncharted territory to bring you some ingredient pairs that you would probably never brainstorm if you made a list of 100 combinations. However, for some people these are going to be the unlikely duos that make mouths water instantly. Let’s get an idea of what could be served up.


The Chew: Butter Fried Chicken

When we think of fried foods, hot and bubbling vats of oil probably come to mind. These are not everyday foods (at least if you are trying to watch what you eat), but many people indulge in them often. What you might not be as familiar with is Butter-Fried Chicken, something The Chew crew will be putting together for Thursday’s episode.

The Chew: Cheesy Disco Fries

Carla Hall is also coming up with some French fry toppings that you might not see every day. Her Cheesy Disco Fries are going to make you think of those crispy potatoes as a delicious canvas for almost anything you could imagine.

I don’t think this recipe will be quite like Poutine, but it will probably involve gooey goodness of some form. Check out these dishes and recipes on The Chew February 20 2014.


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