The Chew: Mardi Gras Hurricane Punch Recipe & King Cake Pops


The Chew February 17, 2015 Preview

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The Chew has a great episode on February 17, 2015, when they celebrate Mardi Gras in style with their special Mardi Gras madness episode, sharing special cocktails and dishes, including a Bourbon Citrus Slush recipe, a King Cake Pops recipe, and a Hurricane Punch recipe. Check it all out below!


On Februayr 17, 2015, it's Mardi Gras time! The Chew is celebrating with plenty of great Mardi Gras dishes and cocktails. (gary yim /

On Februayr 17, 2015, it’s Mardi Gras time! The Chew is celebrating with plenty of great Mardi Gras dishes and cocktails. (gary yim /

The Chew: Mardi Gras Madness

It’s Fat Tuesday on February 17, 2015, which for many Americans is a time to eat in excess and think about what they want to give up for Lent. Some people will hold up a checklist of goals leftover from New Years and see how they’re doing on their New Years Resolutions. But for many people in Louisiana, it means one thing: party!

Mardi Gras is known throughout the world for many things, from throwing beads to big parades to drunken parties to dancing and celebration. Depending on your age and who you ask, it’s either a brilliant, beautiful celebration or a drunken mess. There’s something for everything at Mardi Gras!


The Chew will be bringing some of that cultural celebration to The Chew, along with, of course, the booze. Clinton Kelly will make a great Hurricane Punch recipe and a Bourbon Citrus Slush and he’ll also show us how to make a wreath out of beads.

The Chew: Mardi Gras Party

If you’re wondering what you should do for your Mardi Gras party, look no further than The Chew’s Mardis Gras Madness episode, which will be dedicated to all things Mardi Gras. Besides the boozy cocktails, expect plenty of great Mardi Gras dishes. Will we see some Cajun cuisine on the show, maybe a nice jambalaya?

You won’t want to miss The Chew on February 17, 2015, when they have all of this and so much more!


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