The Chew: Layered, Stacked Recipes & Jennie Garth Deep Thoughts


The Chew March 10 2014

Recapo update: Here are the recipes from this show.

The Chew crew is getting Stacked on a brand new episode this Monday, March 10 on ABC. Watch as the hosts share some of the most carefully piled dishes that are loaded with goodness. Helping in the kitchen for this show will be Jennie Garth, who is promoting a brand new book.


The Chew: Stacked Recipes

The Chew: Layered, Stacked Recipes & Jennie Garth Deep Thoughts

The Chew’s Stacked episode will feature a visit to Hot Bread Kitchen and Jennie Garth with her brand new book, Deep Thoughts from a Hollywood Blonde. (Joe Seer /

Sandwiches are getting Stacked, but they are probably not the only thing on Monday’s menu for The Chew’s latest themed episode. Be sure to watch and find out what happens when Michael Symon delves into the late night munchies arena with his own favorite stacked snack that is loaded with delicious ingredients (I’m guessing meat and cheese will be among the layers, since they are Symon’s two favorite food groups).

Also during the hour, Carla Hall will take a foodie field trip to New York City’s Hot Bread Kitchen, where we will see how they stack up when it comes to sandwiches and other favorite meals among their customers.


The Chew: Jennie Garth Deep Thoughts

Jennie Garth is probably best known for her starring role in the seminal ‘90s soap Beverly Hills, 90210. Now she is cracking open the pages of her personal history for the tell-all memoir Deep Thoughts from a Hollywood Blonde. Be sure to see what she is dishing out when it comes to behind the scenes gossip during her appearance on The Chew’s Stacked episode on March 10.

I have a feeling that 90210 fans are going to gobble up any gossip and secrets that are to be found in the pages of this book…it’s one of those shows that still seems to resonate with its passionate fans, even years after it ended its original run.

Plus, Garth is teaming up with Clinton Kelly in the kitchen, where the pair will be creating a layered and appetizing dish featuring mushrooms and polenta. I am getting hungry already, so pass me a fork and the remote for Monday’s edition of The Chew!


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