The Chew: Kamayan Night at Jeepney + Weight Watchers Chef Finale


The Chew February 19 2014

Recapo update: Here are the recipes from this show.

It’s a Deluxe Dinner Party and you are invited on the next new episode of The Chew, coming February 19 2014. The Chew crew will feature some delicious ideas that could feed a crowd, and a moment we have been waiting for all winter will finally arrive as the show announces the winner in The Chew’s Search for the Weight Watchers Chef. Here’s what’s coming up on Wednesday.


The Chew: Deluxe Dinner Party Paella

The Chew: Kamayan Night at Jeepney + Weight Watchers Chef Finale

The Chew’s Deluxe Dinner Party will visit Kamayan Night at NYC’s Jeepney and crown the winners of the Search for the Weight Watchers Chef on February 19.

Put on your best outfit for a dinner party and get ready to learn how to make a big batch of paella to serve all your guests. That’s what is on the menu for this Wednesday’s show, and you can bet that we will get some tips you haven’t heard before when it comes to this classic dish.

Find out how The Chew crew prefers to prepare their own paella recipes on Wednesday, February 19.


The Chew: Kamayan Night at Jeepney

No plates, no silverware, no problem. That’s the motto at Jeepney, and The Chew is taking a field trip to this unique eatery’s big night out on the next episode.

Jeepney is a Filipino gastropub in New York City, and the restaurant is making waves with authentic dishes and a fun event called Kamayan Night, which takes place every Wednesday and Thursday night.

Find out what they’re cooking up at Kamayan Night when The Chew’s cameras tag along on February 19.

The Chew: Weight Watchers Chef Finale

All winter long, The Chew team has been winnowing the field of talented chefs who want to work with Weight Watchers, along with some judging help from Melanie Kann. Now the final round is upon us, and the remaining contestants have one more chance to wow us all with their creations.

Ryan Hutmacher and Lisa Fontanesi are the last chefs standing, and they have a tie score going into this final kitchen face-off. Who are you rooting for when it comes to recipes and diet-friendly skills? The winner will be chosen on The Chew February 19 2014.


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