The Chew: Feel Good Food, Bobby Deen & Homemade Kit Kat Recipe


The Chew February 11 2014

Recapo update: Here are the recipes from the show.

It’s time for some Feel Good Food on the next episode of The Chew, coming Tuesday, February 11 2014. Bobby Deen returns to take The Chew crew on a special home visit and tour his home kitchen. But there’s plenty more in store as Mario Batali and Michael Symon prepare creations of their own that you will not want to miss. Here’s what’s planned for Tuesday’s episode.


The Chew: Feel Good Food

The Chew: Feel Good Food, Bobby Deen & Homemade Kit Kat Recipe

Don’t miss out on The Chew’s February 11 episode if you want to learn how to make a homemade Kit Kat recipe during the Feel Good Food show with Bobby Deen.

Food is something that we all need to eat in order to maintain life. It’s one of the few things that most of humanity shares in common as a need. But beyond the basic of necessity, what and how you choose to eat is open to a variety of options and interpretation.

What would you define as Feel Good Food? The Chew crew is taking a stab at this during the next show on February 11. See what Feel Good Food means to them this Tuesday, but first, share your own thoughts about this by leaving me a comment.


The Chew: Bobby Deen Kitchen Tour

You probably know of Bobby Deen through his mother, another celebrity chef. His latest cookbook is called Bobby Deen’s Everyday Eats, and coming up on this show, he will be letting us all explore where he makes these typical Southern style meals.

Check out his digs in Savannah, Georgia, and see what the kitchen of a professional chef could look like. That’s coming up on the February 11 episode.

The Chew: Homemade Kit Kat Twix Recipe

Michael Symon is also stepping up to the kitchen counter with a DIY approach to another popular treat. Check out his Homemade Kit Kat Recipe Homemade Twix Recipe, which will be featured on Tuesday’s show. Don’t miss how you can make one of America’s favorite candy bars at home.

Finally, Mario Batali is sharing another fantastic meal that will have you craving seconds. All this is coming up February 11 on The Chew.


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