The Chew Extra Value Friday: Sexiest Meals Alive with Scott Foley


The Chew March 7 2014

Recapo update: Here are the segments from this show.

The Chew is showing you how to save money and look great doing it for the March 7 episode. It’s Extra Value Friday: Sexiest Meals Alive, with guest co-host Chris Harrison and Scandal star Scott Foley. Here’s a look at what to expect as things heat up in the kitchen to start off the weekend.


The Chew Extra Value Friday: Sexiest Meals Alive

The Chew Extra Value Friday: Sexiest Meals Alive with Scott Foley

The Chew Extra Value Friday will celebrate the Sexiest Meals Alive, with visits from Scott Foley of Scandal and The Bachelor host Chris Harrison on March 7. (s_bukley /

When you think about romantic foods or seductive menu options, what comes to mind? The Chew crew should be preparing some date night delights that you can enjoy on a budget, but you don’t have to tell your date how affordable and easy it really was.

To help keep things running smoothly in the kitchen, The Bachelor’s Chris Harrison will be back behind the counter for another day of duties as guest co-host. What do you think about his return to The Chew’s counter? I thought he was distractingly chatty during his Thursday appearance, but maybe he will settle in for the March 7 episode this Friday.


The Chew: Scott Foley Scandal Season 3

Scott Foley does not play the most popular character on Scandal, because fans see him as a stumbling block to the central relationship so many of them are rooting for. However, he has a good time on the show, which is more popular than ever thanks to engagement on social media.

Foley will be sharing his own culinary expertise when he teams up with someone from The Chew crew to make a tasty delight for this Friday’s episode. You never know who they will pair him up with, though I’d put money on either Carla Hall or Clinton Kelly (maybe even both of them can work with him).

Of course, Clinton might be too busy with his duties, because the March 7 show also includes another session of tough decisions from Judge Foodie. Be sure to watch for his rulings on this show.


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