The Chew Extra Value: America’s Favorite Comfort Food + Wayne Brady


The Chew February 21 2014

Recapo update: Here are the recipes from this show.

The Chew is celebrating America’s Favorite Comfort Food this week for Extra Value Friday. Be sure to tune in and see what’s on the menu as the hosts prepare classic dishes that are guaranteed to satisfy. Also on the guest list is Let’s Make a Deal host Wayne Brady, who is beloved as a multitalented entertainer. Does he have skills in the kitchen? Watch and learn on Friday, February 21 2014.


The Chew Extra Value Friday: America’s Favorite Comfort Food

The Chew Extra Value: America's Favorite Comfort Food + Wayne Brady

The Chew Extra Value Friday is celebrating America’s Favorite Comfort Food, with a visit from entertainer Wayne Brady on the February 21 2014 episode. (Joe Seer /

It’s no secret that many of us turn to food when we need to feel better about a bad situation. Though this can venture into unhealthy extremes, as an occasional indulgence it can be the perfect way to turn your mood around.

The Chew and other TV shows have explored comfort cooking in the past, but it’s a perennial favorite because these classic recipes remind people of better times and happy memories that you can hope to recapture once again.


I wonder if The Chew’s celebration of America’s Favorite Comfort Food has anything to do with a forthcoming cookbook from Carla Hall. She has contributed to a collaborative recipe book called Carla’s Comfort Foods: Favorite Dishes from Around the World, which also features input from some familiar faces. That title will be available in bookstores and online beginning April 1 2014, so I’m sure we will hear plenty more about it before then.

The Chew: Wayne Brady

Wayne Brady is a popular comedian, musician and entertainer who can currently be seen hosting the daily CBS game show Let’s Make a Deal. He has a background in improv and even did his own talk show back in the day. He is a proud father who released a children’s album in 2011, and he seems to love staying busy, so of course he has found time to visit The Chew this Friday, February 21. Who knows what his high energy might bring to the comfort foods show? Tune in to find out.


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