The Chew: Eggs Breakfast Basics & Fabio Viviani Breakfast Recipe


The Chew March 5 2014

Recapo update: Here are the recipes from this show.

It’s time to get back to basics on the next brand new episode of The Chew. More specifically, the crew is tackling some Breakfast Basics on the March 5 show, as they show you everything you need to know to be able to make breakfast for yourself without burning the house down. It could save you money on fast food in the morning, and you might start the day feeling accomplished as well. Fabio Viviani is also visiting the show on Wednesday, so here is what’s cooking.


The Chew: Breakfast Basics

The Chew: Eggs Breakfast Basics & Fabio Viviani Breakfast Recipe

The Chew crew will be showing off Breakfast Basics so that you know all the proper ways to make eggs come out right every time on the March 5 episode.

Class is in session. One thing that is great about The Chew is that they frequently take the time to show people how to do simple things in the kitchen. There is something on the show that fits every age, taste, and skill level, whether you love meat and cheese or have a more streamlined diet menu in your household.

For protein lovers, one of the go-to breakfast options is eggs. But do you know how to make them yourself? The Chew crew is going to teach you three classic ways to perfectly cook your eggs every single time.


Be sure to tune in March 5 2014 if you or someone in your life needs to learn how to boil, scramble, or poach eggs. These are lessons that never hurt to keep handy so you can share the skills with others, like your kids when they are preparing to grow up and move out on their own.

The Chew: Fabio Viviani Breakfast Recipe

Fabio Viviani is a fixture on TV cooking shows. You know him from his numerous television appearances, where he has cooked up memorable dishes on TV talk shows. He got his big break on the national stage as a competitor on Top Chef, and now there is no stopping him.

He has three restaurants in California and Chicago, and he has plans to expand his empire to Miami and beyond in the years to come. Find out what Fabio is up to lately when he makes a favorite breakfast dish with Mario Batali on The Chew’s March 5 show this Wednesday.


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