The Chew: Anthony Anderson Black-ish & Delicious + Easy Autumn Dishes


The Chew September 24, 2014 Preview

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The Chew have a great episode September 24, 2014, talking to actor Anthony Anderson of ABC’s Black-ish and making some simple and easy dishes! Check it all out below!


Anthony Anderson will come by The Chew September 24, 2014 to talk about his new show Black-ish. (Helga Esteb /

Anthony Anderson will come by The Chew September 24, 2014 to talk about his new show Black-ish. (Helga Esteb /

The Chew: Anthony Anderson Black-ish

Normally, when an actor comes on The Chew, I wonder whether they’ve really got the cooking chops to make a recipe work. Not all guests can be Ali Larter, after all. Some of them are much more like Heather Graham, wanting to help but basically not being very helpful.

However, I know Anthony Anderson can cook. I saw him on Iron Chef America cooking on Bobby Flay’s team. Anthony made the drinks and Bobby made the meals for their team and while they didn’t win, I was really impressed with their meals and Anthony’s initiative. Will Anthony Anderson be making a meal of his own? It remains to be seen, but I think they should at least let him make a drink.


Anyway, he’s coming by to promote his new TV show Black-ish, a sitcom about an African-American family struggling with what it means to be prosperous in America. On the eve of his promotion, Anthony’s character, the father, learns that his son wants to convert to Judaism so he can have a Bar Mitzvah like his friends. The show deals with race and what it means to be black in America today.

The Chew: Simple Autumn Dishes

The Chew crew will also be celebrating the coming of fall in style, making some great, easy, and affordable autumn dishes for the show September 24, 2014. The preview promises their dishes are impossible to mess up, but it remains to be seen exactly what that might mean. What’s a fall dish impossible to screw up? Mashed potatoes? Even then, some people make them too lumpy. Or, depending who you ask, not lumpy enough.

Either way, we’ll have to tune in September 24, 2014 to find out all about it!


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