The Chew Visits Herr’s Potato Chip Factory & How Potato Chips Are Made


The Chew Visits Herr’s Potato Chips

Jason Roberts, a Chew correspondent, went to the Herr’s potato chip factory in Nottingham, Pennsylvania to check it out and hit us with a few crazy statistics. For example, the Herr’s potato chip factory is producing over 10 million potato chips per year. Jason visited the factory to find out how they pull off such a massive operation.

Ed Herr – President Of Herr Foods

The Chew: The Chew Visits Herr's Potato Chip Factory

The Chew visited the Herr’s potato chip factory today.


In 1946, Ed Herr’s father, James S. Herr, bought a small company and started making his own potato chips by hand. He and his future wife would sell their potato chips in downtown Lancaster on their dates. James Herr picked a good time to start a potato chip company because this was a time in American history where they were watching a lot of television and wanted some snack food to go along with it. With timing like that, the company inevitably grew into what it is today: an operation that is now churning out five to six tons of chips every hour.

Behind Every Potato Chip Is a Stronger Potato

Herr’s potatoes come from all over America. They start down in Florida and follow the harvest all the way up north through North Carolina, Virginia, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The potatoes come to the factory fresh from the field where they are rolled right out of the truck and directly on to the factory line where they are washed and peeled.

How Potato Chips Are Made

The potatoes are automatically sliced in a machine, which leaves a cold and wet potato slice. To turn that slimy, pale potato into a delightful one, they are dumped into hot oil that is held at 320 degrees. After the chips come out of the fryer, they are salted and you are left with a great snack!


After the cooking process, the chips are salted and flavored with one of Herr’s many varieties.

Why Herr’s Potato Chips Are Better

What sets Herr’s Potato Chips a step above the competition is their attention to detail. Each potato chip is put underneath a camera after the frying process, and any chips on camera that are viewed as unsatisfactory are shot off the assembly line with a blast of air.


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