The Chew: Valentine’s Day, Pizza Hut Perfume & ChocolatRouge Review


The Chew: Valentine’s Day

What’s more romantic than a Valentine’s Day episode of The Chew? The hosts celebrated the holiday with tips, recipes and more on all things love. But first, the hosts shared their Valentine’s Day plans. Carla and her husband will be spending time with her brother and his family. Unfortunately, Daphne’s husband is sick, so she’ll be cooking with the Oz family. Mario and his family will be celebrating their annual tradition of a fondue dinner.

The Chew: Valentine's Day, Pizza Hut Perfume & ChocolatRouge Review

The Chew celebrated Valentine’s Day with true/false questions, Pizza Hut perfume and ChocolatRouge Wine.


Looks like Chew fans are getting into the Valentine’s spirit, too. Clinton shared some photos of viewers and their delicious creations. Austin made Carla’s cream puffs, and Alana and her young son whipped up a batch of chocolate chip cookies.

True/False: Valentine’s Day Statistics

Clinton stumped the audience with a few true/false questions based on Valentine’s Day statistics. See how many you can answer correctly.

  • The majority of American couples prefer to have Valentine’s Day dinner at a restaurant.
  • False. Despite spending an incredible 3.9 billion dollars on eating out for Valentine’s Day each year, most Americans say they would rather cook at home or order take out.
  • Men are more likely than women to fear being single on Valentine’s Day.
  • True. Despite the stereotype, Valentine’s Day can be much lonelier for single men. A recent survey found that 25% of men would rather have a root canal than be single on Valentine’s Day.
  • 20% of pet owners will buy their pets a gift.
  • True. Clinton is planning on taking a bubble bath with his dog (if she’ll let him).

The Chew: Pizza Hut Perfume & ChocolatRouge Review

The Chew hosts then dug into a box of Pizza Hut, but no, I don’t mean actual pizza. They tested out the Pizza Hut Perfume, which Michael Symon spritzed around the table. “Smells greasy,” he noted, but the hosts didn’t actually mind the smell.


On the other hand, they were all grossed out by ChocolatRouge Wine, an alcoholic beverage that combines chocolate and red wine. The combination may be perfect when eaten as separate foods, but when combined together, it’s just “gross.”


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