The Chew: Thrifty Thanksgiving Recipes & Are Onion Goggles Worth Price


The Chew: Thrifty Thanksgiving

The Chew have a whole episode of thrifty Thanksgiving recipes, crafts and products for you today. They started by pointing out a great recipe you can make in The Chew Cookbook, the spaghetti squash fritters on page 27, which only cost pennies to make each one.

The Chew: Average Thanksgiving Cost

The Chew: Thrifty Thanksgiving Recipes & Are Onion Goggles Worth Price

The Chew have a thrifty Thanksgiving episode that will go over cheap recipes, fancy crafts and other thrifty holiday surprises. Are onion goggles worth it?


Tommy the Turkey is back on this Thrifty Thanksgiving episode. He had a question from a viewer who asked how expensive it was going to be for her to have Thanksgiving dinner at her house.

A census of the cost of Thanksgiving dinner in 2011, according to The Chew, found people spend an average of $49.20 on Thanksgiving for 10 people. Which is pretty good considering you are spending less than $5 per person. Plus if you spend a little extra you could have days worth of left overs.

Daphne Oz said she loves the leftovers after Thanksgiving. And she is even making her favorite after Thanksgiving dish, her turkey sweet potato hash recipe.


The American Farm Bureau also releases statistics on the cost of each item each year, which can help you plan what the meal is going to cost.

The Chew: Onion Goggles Review

The Chew had some products on the show and they wanted to know if the audience thought the products were worth the money or not worth the money:

Onion goggles – These onion goggles will prevent you from crying while cutting onions and have anti fog clarity for great vision while wielding the knife. The cost of the goggles are $20.95.

Michael Symon said they were not worth the money, but they would be good for motorcycle glasses. Clinton Kelly said you can hang a piece of bread from your mouth while you cut onions and the fumes will get sucked up in the bread. Daphne Oz said soaking onions in cold water will make them less potent as well.

The Chew: Brining Kit Review

Brining kit – This brining kit comes with a number of spices and a large bag to do the brining. The cost of the kit is $9.95.

Michael Symon said no way but a lot of people in the audience liked the brining kit. He told them to enjoy their mushy turkeys.

The Chew: Potato Scrubbing Gloves Review

Potato scrubbing gloves – These gloves have a rough texture that will wipe dirt off the potatoes as you are handling them and they cost $11.95.

Mario Batali said they would be worth it if they were rough enough to peal the skin off. If they just get the dirt off, he said it would be cheaper to put the potatoes in water to soak.

Did you think any of these were worth it? Let us know in the comments section below.



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