The Chew: Surviving Nemo & Michael Symon’s Secrets To A Super Steak


The Chew: Steakhouse Celebration

Carnivores, rejoice! The Chew hosted a steakhouse celebration filled with tips, recipes, and advice on achieving a delicious steakhouse dinner right at home. You don’t need to drop hundreds of dollars at a fancy restaurant to enjoy a juicy, delicious piece of meat. Sorry, vegetarians!

The Chew: Surviving Snowstorm Nemo

The Chew: Surviving Nemo & Michael Symon's Secrets To A Super Steak

The Chew’s steakhouse celebration kicked off with Michael Symon’s secrets to a super steak.


Clinton Kelly admitted that he hadn’t left the house for two days because of super snowstorm Nemo. New York City received about eight inches of snow, but as Michael Symon said, “in Cleveland we call this ‘spring.’” Mario Batali also wished that the storm had been a bit more substantial, especially after the news made such a fuss about it.

How did Clinton survive cabin fever? By making delicious meals! He cooked up a batch of Michael Symon’s Chicken Fricassee, as well as Mario Batali’s Spaghetti Carbonara. Carla Hall spent hours decorating cookies, then brought some to share with her friends.

The hosts also watched the Grammy Awards in order to avoid boredom. Michael enjoyed the performance by Mumford & Sons, while Clinton showed a picture of Justin Timberlake’s delivery pizza at 3 AM.


Michael Symon: Secrets To A Super Steak

But because this is a steakhouse celebration, the talk quickly turned back to steak. Ultimate carnivore Michael Symon shared his top secrets to a super steak. Follow these simple rules, and you won’t go wrong in creating a steakhouse meal at home.

  • Know your butcher by name. If you have a friendly relationship with your butcher, he’ll fill you in on the best cuts of meat every time.
  • Fat = Flavor. Look for inner marbling of muscular fat.
  • Season or marinate steak overnight, or at least a few hours before cooking.


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