The Chew How Many Sides Dishes are Appropriate & Judge Foodie Presides


The Chew: Sensational Thanksgiving Sides

With Thanksgiving less than a week away The Chew decided it was time to make some sensational side dishes. And it seems like they picked a good audience to make it for. When they polled the audience about their favorite food at Thanksgiving, turkey or the sides, 13 percent said they liked the turkey the best, while 87 percent said they liked the side dishes the best.

The Chew: How Many Sides to Make For Thanksgiving?

Tommy the Turkey came down with another viewer question. The question was from a woman who wanted to know how many side dishes she needed to make for 12 guests.


Mario Batali said to make as many as she wanted. The more sides the better. Don’t be afraid to give leftovers out after dinner ends. But The Chew also had a nifty guide for Thanksgiving that said for eight guests there should four sides. For every two additional guests, make one more side. Basically, the number of people you have coming halved is the amount of sides you should make.

The Chew: Thanksgiving Jello Salad?

The Chew How Many Sides Dishes are Appropriate & Judge Foodie Presides

The Chew talk about how many side dishes are appropriate for a Thanksgiving dinner and why more is always better. Judge Foodie looks over some side dish cases.

Carla Hall said she always makes a lot of side dishes for people to take some food home.


Michael Symon said there was one dish he never wanted to be seen made again. It was jello salad his mother made but he said there was nothing salad-like about it. He said it was just jello with things suspended in it.

The Chew: Judge Foodie Thanksgiving Pot Luck

Side dishes can cause a lot of food drama and the only person who can clear those arguments up is Judge Foodie, really just Clinton Kelly in a robe.

Case 1: Cindy is serious about her side dishes and tells everyone who comes to Thanksgiving exactly what needs to be brought. When everyone leaves the kitchen Cindy tries all the dishes people made and adds her own spices to dishes she doesn’t like. When her sister Donna saw her sister messing with her dish, she was mad. Cindy said it is her house and she can do what she wants.

Verdict: Judge Foodie told Cindy sometimes when you have a pot luck it turns into poo luck.

The Chew: Thanksgiving Etiquette

Case 2: Terry is the hostess for her Thanksgiving dinner. When she makes her asparagus oreganata no one eats it until the meal is done. She said they eat it but not when it is on the table.

Verdict: Judge Foodie said it probably tasted bad and then Terry went to make a rebuttal and the judge threw her out of the court room.

Case 3: Sharron invites her friends over for a Friendsgiving one week after Thanksgiving but she only serves turkey while the guests bring booze and desserts. She said she shouldn’t have to make anything else because everyone already ate Thanksgiving.

Verdict: Judge Foodie said “it’s your house, do whatever the hell you want.”

Case closed.


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