The Chew: Grace Bonney’s Transfer Table Settings & How To Start A Blog


The Chew: Grace Bonney’s Transfer Table Settings

Grace Bonney, who has become well-known on the Internet for her Design*Sponge blog that shows people all sorts of crafts they can design at home, came on The Chew to show us something you probably never thought you could make at home (or at least make at home well): table settings. Using an inkjet printer and a few images you have lying around, you can make some very attractive place settings.

Grace Bonney grew up looking at the place settings and table mats at restaurants rather than the food, and, figuring that there were more people out there that were like her, she decided to make a blog when she grew up that is all about textiles and new design products on the market.


There is a lot of content on Design*Sponge. For inspiration, Grace Bonney takes to Google search and local student art shows to find interesting ideas that you won’t see in stores yet.

The Chew: Transfer Table Settings Materials

The Chew: Grace Bonney's Transfer Table Settings & How To Start A Blog

Grace Bonney, founder of Design*Sponge, showed us how to make our own place settings.

  • Images 
  • Inkjet printer 
  • Transfer paper 
  • Napkins or place mats 
  • Iron 
  • Scissors

The Chew: Transfer Table Settings Directions

  1. Figure out your images – the higher resolution, the better. 
  2. You can take your own pictures and print them out at home if you have a digital camera, or you can get them online.
  3. Print them out on transfer paper.
  4. Cut out your images, and place them image-side down on your fabric.
  5. Iron for about a minute until it’s attached.
  6. Allow the transfers to cool completely.

And there you have it—some nice made-at-home place settings.


The Chew: How To Turn Your Blog Into A Career

For those that want to follow in Grace Bonney’s footsteps and start a blog of their own based off of an interest and make a career off of it, she had some advice. Grace says that the best thing to you can do is highlight and celebrate what makes you unique. What makes your take on a particular subject different than everybody else’s and worth checking out?

Also, you should go the multimedia route and make whatever presence you can on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. This will help get your face out there immensely.


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