The Chew: Easter Traditions from Around the World & Jelly Bean Study


The Chew: Traditional Greek Easter For Michael Symon

Did you know the average American family spends about $145 for everything for Easter, from the decorations to the food to the candy to the apparel? The Chew March 22 2013 was an episode that will show you how to have a fabulous Easter for only $5 a person. Mario Batali said for his Easter dinner he is going to be doing a Northern Italian inspired dinner while Michael Symon said his family is doing a traditional Greek Easter which is actually celebrated later than traditional Easter. Symon said he loves having a Greek Easter because as a kid he got to have two Easters.

Daphne Oz said every Easter her family goes to church, then they have an egg hunt, they eat dinner and then the Oz family football game starts. Oz said she is is too old to participate in the Easter egg hunt but she doesn’t seem to a have problem tackling her little cousins when she plays football.


The Chew: Easter Traditions from Around the World & Jelly Bean Study

The Chew looked at Easter traditions from around the world, went over their plans for this Easter and looked at how a study related jelly beans to personality.

As for Carla Hall and Clinton Kelly, they just wanted to know if there is a black Easter bunny after finding out about black Santa this past Christmas.

The Chew: Easter Traditions Around the World

If you think our Easter traditions are silly (we do have a rabbit that delivers chocolate eggs), then keep reading to find out about how some countries around the world celebrate Easter.

  • Czech Republic – On Easter Monday everyone in the Czech Republic will spank each other with traditional Czech whips made out of braided willow rods. It is said being hit by the whip will keep you healthy and beautiful in the new year.
  • Poland – On Easter Monday, called Wet Monday in Poland, the Polish men and boys will dump cold water on the women and girls as a way to spiritually clean them.
  • France – A bell with wings is said to fly into the homes of the French to deliver eggs and chocolate.

The Chew: Study Relates Jelly Beans To Personality

A new study has revealed jelly beans can actually be a clue into someone’s personality. The study done by Education World surveyed thousands of people about their personalities and their favorite jelly beans and found some correlations. See how each color jelly bean matches up with the personality of a Chew co-host.

  • Mario and orange jelly beans – This color jelly bean says he has expensive taste and he likes to hoard things.
  • Daphne and pink jelly beans – This color jelly bean means she is a brown-noser and she will always volunteer for extra work.
  • Michael Symon and black jelly beans – This color jelly bean means he is very enthusiastic and he likes to follow the rules.
  • Carla Hall and yellow jelly beans – This color says Hall is independent, artistic and she likes to break the rules.
  • Clinton Kelly and green jelly beans – People who like green jelly beans are non-confrontational.


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