The Chew: DePasquale’s Pasta, Parziale Bakery & Boston North End


The Chew Coast To Coast: Boston North End

If you’re a foodie, you’re in a for a buffet of regional favorites during The Chew’s Coast to Coast Week, which stopped today in New England. From the birthplace of Boston Style Pizza at the Parziale Bakery to the handcrafted empire of DePasquale’s Homemade Pasta and the seafood creations at the Boston North End Fish Market, The Chew correspondent Yvette Rios got to sample it all.

Yvette got the plum assignment of investigating the flavorful favorites of the Boston North End neighborhood, and she shared her discoveries on the show. Clinton Kelly was not surprised about what she found, because he spent his college years enjoying the tastes of Boston.


The Chew: Boston North End

The Chew explored the enduring food traditions of the Boston North End neighborhood. (Image Credit: Jose Gil /

The Chew: Boston’s North End

“This one square mile is known as Little Italy and has delicious culinary finds around every corner,” Yvette said. Passersby agreed that there is a sense of community and you can find all your favorite foods and a friendly experience while exploring the area.

The Chew: Parziale Bakery Boston Style Pizza Review

If you’re taking a trip to New England, you can’t miss exploring the city’s North End neighborhood. Among Yvette’s stops was the birthplace of Boston Style Pizza, the Parziale Bakery.


Fourth generation family member Dino DiFronzo explained how his family brought their style of pizza from Naples in 1907. Multiple generations are carrying on the family tradition, and they still live in the building above the family business.

“The dough is made the same way it’s been made for the last 105 years,” explained fourth generation baker Augustine Parziale.

The special dough recipe is topped with sauce (or ‘gravy’) and a generous portion of cheese, and it comes out looking golden and gooey. Though it’s served in squares, it’s not the stingy, cardboard pizza of school cafeterias. This is a real, handcrafted Italian delicacy shared for generations.

The Chew: Boston North End Fish Market Review

If you’re looking for local seafood, you’ll want to see the ocean-inspired variations of Boston’s North End Fish Market. That’s where you’ll find delicacies like Tuna Meatballs and Shrimp Stuffed Calamari.

Yvette Rios even got to shuck her first oyster, “upside down, slanting upwards.” It took her a moment to get the hang of it, but she seemed to think the fresh taste was worth the effort.

The Chew: DePasquale’s Homemade Pasta Shoppe Review

Looking for handmade Italian pastas? Check out DePasquale’s Homemade Pasta Shoppe, which has expanded into a restaurant and culinary empire in Boston’s North End. It’s safe to say that tradition and attention to detail are keys to the family empire’s enduring success.

It’s fitting that a city with such historical importance also reveres its food traditions, and it’s impressive to observe that these families are committed to preserving their traditions and the delectable legacies their ancestors instilled in the community.

You could spend your entire Boston vacation just sampling the local flair and flavor of the foods that made the North End so unique. Clinton Kelly said the North End is a must if you’re traveling to Beantown.

The Chew team also congratulated Yvette Rios on her recent wedding. Maybe she’s celebrate with some Boston Cream Pie?


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