The Chew Clinton Kelly Gives Everyone Some Thanksgiving Etiquette Tips


The Chew: Thanksgiving Etiquette

Clinton Kelly wanted to teach everyone a little Thanksgiving etiquette. So he set up a table at the studio and had everyone sit down at the table with him for some Thanksgiving dinner of pan seared turkey, wild rice stuffing and Thanksgiving gravy.

The Chew: Do Not Switch Seating Arrangements

First Kelly caught Mario Batali switching up the seating arrangements. He said this can make the guests at the dinner more confused than Kirstie Alley‘s dietitian. Kelly said do not mess with the seating arrangements around the table. He said there are three words to remember when you feel the need to find a new seat: suck it up.


The Chew: No Big Announcements at Thanksgiving Dinner

The Chew Clinton Kelly Gives Everyone Some Thanksgiving Etiquette Tips

The Chew listen as Clinton Kelly goes over some Thanksgiving etiquette tips such as helping to clean the table & not eating before everyone else is ready.

Daphne Oz decided to make a announcement at the dinner table, saying she was going to be going to rehab for her addiction to pickle juice. Kelly said Oz just dropped a bomb bigger than Adam Sandler’s last 10 movies and that is not good.

Kelly said to save the big announcements and serious conversations for another time. The talk at Thanksgiving should be kept light. Save the announcements for Christmas.


The Chew: Do Not Be the First to Eat

As Kelly thanked everyone for coming Carla Hall was already digging into her food.

Kelly said you should not eat before everyone else at the table is ready and served. Even without some kind of prayer or tradition before the meal, everyone should keep their forks down until the entire table is ready to eat.

The Chew: Do Not Mention a Diet

Michael Symon said he didn’t want to eat because he was on a diet for a photo shoot later this month. Clinton Kelly said he has seen more food in the Olsen twins’ lunch box than he did on Symon’s plate.

Kelly said Thanksgiving is a day to indulge. Do not make a big deal out of your diet. Simply eat light and be discreet about it.

The Chew: Do Help Clean Up

After everyone was done eating, Kelly asked everyone to grab a plate but Oz was already sitting on the couch. Kelly said he Daphne Oz made it the couch quicker than Lady Gaga went from a size 2 to a size 12.

Kelly said it is polite to help clean up the mess afterwards. He said it is customary to take your own plate and one additional dish to the kitchen.

Does anyone else have some more Thanksgiving etiquette they are willing to share? Let us know in the comments below. You could be saving a lot of us some embarrassment.


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