The Chew: Mosaic Tray DIY Project in Clinton’s Craft Corner


The Chew: Clinton’s Craft Corner

Clinton’s Craft Corner’s project this week was to make a mosaic tray to make Mother’s Day breakfast in bed just a little more special. And Clinton Kelly definitely knows a thing or two about making mosaic. He showed off his collection of things he made. Apparently he went through quite the phase. Lots and lots of mosaic all over everything.

The Chew: Building A Mosaic Tray

Clinton's Craft Corner Mosaic Tray

The Chew's Clinton's Craft Corner project: Building a mosaic tray for Mother's Day breakfast in bed


To start building your mosaic tray, you need to collect your raw materials. Get some misplaced ceramics from around the house: a random saucer, chipped plates, mismatched plates, leftover tiles, etc. Once you’ve gathered these things, it’s time to break them into pieces. Clinton says to be careful. Except the display on the show was anything but. Essentially Mario Batali smash to paraphrase a movie that’s making hundreds of millions of dollars right now (it’s The Avengers). Mario Batali, took his materials and repeatedly slammed a hammer down on them. Sure, it looks like the more fun way of doing things, but it really seemed to be the opposite of what Clinton Kelly was asking for.

The Chew: Mosaic Tray

Once you’ve properly smashed your plates and tiles you have to sort through the pieces to find the ones you can use. Clearly you can’t use the pieces that are now dust, but you also can’t use any curve pieces. Flat pieces only.

The next step is to cover your pieces in adhesive and attach them to the tray. Make sure that the tray is wooden or metal (plastic just won’t work) and that it’s a deep tray because the bottom is level is going to rise a lot. As you cover your pieces in adhesive make sure you’re paying attention to the size of the pieces so that when you stick them down your tiles are level. For thinner pieces add extra adhesive until it is level with thicker pieces.


Let the adhesive dry over night.

After it’s dry, apply grout. Keep smearing it into the spaces between the tiles and wiping the excess off, first with your grout applicator and then with a damp sponge. Let the grout dry overnight and you’ll have a beautiful tray to please your mother with.


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