The Chew & Clinton’s Crafts: Oscar Party Marquee & Ticket Bowl Ideas


The Chew: Clinton’s Craft Corner

With the Oscars coming up soon, Clinton Kelly had a few ideas for some easy last minute crafts to jazz up your Oscar party. Check out his ideas for an Oscar Party marquee and a ticket bowl you can make with the kids.

The Chew: Oscar Party Marquee Instructions

The Chew & Clinton's Crafts: Oscar Party Marquee & Ticket Bowl Ideas

In Clinton’s Craft Corner, The Chew featured Oscar party crafts, such as a light-up Oscar party marquee that also works in kids’ rooms, and a ticket bowl.


Use foam core, Christmas lights, posterboard, a utility knife, a glue gun, and gold spray paint. Print letters with a flat base and trace them onto foam core to spell out the word OSCAR.

You could spell out any word or name instead of Oscar to make a decoration you can use more than once. This might be great for kids’ rooms.

Use a utility knife to create small Xs to score holes down the center of the letter, about 1” apart. Gently push a spare bulb through the hole to make it big enough for your lights.


Cut posterboard into a 2.5” strip. Then put a bead of glue down the center of the posterboard to create a border for your letter.

Spraypaint the letters in gold or another color of your choosing. Finally, insert your string of lights into the holes in each letter that you made earlier. Then plug in the lights to see if everything worked correctly.

The Chew: Ticket Bowl Craft

Find a roll of raffle tickets at a craft store or office store. You will also need decoupage glue, an empty bowl, and a foam brush.

Turn your bowl upside down and put the roll of tickets on the bottom of the bowl. Press the roll down over the bowl to form its shape. Gently pick it up and coat the inside and outside with a layer of decoupage glue.

What would you put in this bowl? Isn’t it going to get glue on your food? Clinton said that there will also be a hole at the bottom, and you can’t put liquids in it since it is made of paper. He suggested putting popcorn or pretzels in it.


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