The Chew: Clinton’s Craft Corner, Empty Wine Bottles as a Centerpiece


The Chew: Clinton’s Craft Corner

The cast of The Chew headed over to Clinton’s Craft Corner for a little crafting with empty wine bottles. Clinton said it is the perfect craft to do with children who are growing restless being cooped up inside in the cold weather.

And the craft is easy too. First, start keeping old wine bottles, oil bottles, soda bottles or any other kind of glass bottle. Different shapes and sizes will enhance the final look.


Make sure to thoroughly clean the bottles, especially bottles that held oil products.

The Chew: Wine Bottle Centerpiece for Thanksgiving

The Chew: Clinton's Craft Corner, Empty Wine Bottles as a Centerpiece

The Chew head over to Clinton’s Craft Corner to embellish some empty wine bottles with glue, paint & fancy lettering.

Next, soak the bottles in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes which should make it easy to get the label off. After the bottles have dried out, mix a few drops of water with your color of choice acrylic paint. Mix the paint and dump a few tablespoons worth inside the bottle.


Cover the top of the bottle with a napkin and do what you have to do to coat the inside of the bottle with the paint. Shake it, spin it, flip it or however you can coat the bottle easiest. After the bottle is coated, dump the excess paint out. You can also mix colors, as Michael Symon did on the show.

The Chew: DIY Wine Bottle Crafts

Mario said this is perfect post Hurricane Sandy craft. Everyone is going to have empty wine bottles sitting around because there is nothing else to do in New York City.

After the excess paint has been poured out, start embellishing the bottles with whatever you like. Clinton opted to make a word out of the bottles. So he cut letters out, painted them a metallic color and glued them to the front of the bottle.

After everyone glued their letters on, Clinton spelled out grateful with the bottles. He added the bottles would make a great addition to a mantle piece or as the centerpiece on a table. Throw some acorns or little pumpkins at the base of the bottles or put candles in the tops. And the best part, the longer the word, the more wine you get to drink.



  1. Divalicious says

    How do you get the paint to dry on the inside of the bottles without pooling or running? We tried taping them to the rotisserie spit and putting them on our grill (no heat, of course), and turning the motor on so the paint wouldn’t puddle on the inside of the bottles, but even after 8 hours, the paint wasn’t dry, and pooled anyway. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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