The Chew Clintons Craft Corner Cranberry Topiary, Pinecone Centerpiece


The Chew – Clinton’s Craft Corner: Cranberry Topiary

The Chew crew headed over to Clinton’s Craft Corner for some thrifty Thanksgiving crafts.

Clinton Kelly started off by showing everyone how to make a cranberry topiary. He said the topiary could be used as a perfect centerpiece for the Thanksgiving dinner table.


To make the cranberry topiary you are going to need a few foam balls of different sizes, a whole bunch of toothpicks and an equal amount of cranberries.

The Chew: How To Make Cranberry Topiary

Kelly said to start by sticking the toothpicks in the foam ball. Each toothpick should be about a quarter of an inch apart and about a quarter of an inch should be sticking out of the foam ball. Stick the toothpicks all around the entire ball. It may take a while, but it will be worth your while.

Michael Symon had to try and jump the gun on getting the cranberries around the ball and Clinton Kelly was not happy. He took Symon’s ball and threw it across the set. He was not happy. I mean, Symon never listens during the craft corner.


The Chew Clintons Craft Corner Cranberry Topiary, Pinecone Centerpiece

The Chew head over to Clinton’s Craft Corner to learn how to make a cranberry topiary, a floating candle & cranberry bowl & metallic pinecone centerpieces.

The Chew: Christmas Cranberry Topiary Alternative

When all the toothpicks are in place, grab the cranberries and start sticking them into the toothpicks. And there you go. A cranberry topiary. The cranberry topiary can also be made a week in advance of Thanksgiving and stored in the fridge.

Carla Hall said you could also whitewash the cranberries and throw some sugar on them for a more Christmas feel after Thanksgiving has passed.

The Chew: Floating Candles and Cranberries

Clinton Kelly said you could also put some water in a bowl, throw in some cranberries so they cover the top of the water completely, lay a few floating candles in the bowl and you have a nice dish for a centerpiece.

The Chew Clinton’s Craft Corner: Pinecone Centerpieces

This centerpiece is quite easy. You are going to need some pinecones from the backyard, or if you live in a major city with no pinecones, a craft store should have a dozen for $12. You are also going to need some metallic spray paint to cover the pinecones in whatever color you want, glitter and adhesive spray.

Take the pinecone and lay it on newspaper. Spray the pinecone with the metallic paint, trying to cover the entire pinecone. After the pinecone dries, get a ziplock bag and put some glitter in it. Now take the pinecone and spray some adhesive glue all over. Before the glue dries, drop it in the bag of glitter and shake it around a little. Shake off the excessive glitter in the bag and you are done.

Clinton Kelly said they would look great in a dish as the centerpiece or you could hang ribbons from your mantle piece in varying lengths and glue the pinecones to the end of the ribbons to hang down about the fireplace.


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