The Chew: Alcohol Ink Dye Coasters & Carla Hall Kitchen Organization


The Chew: Clinton’s Craft Corner

To help you get more bang for your buck, Clinton Kelly came up with some affordable ideas that can keep your family entertained all weekend long. His first idea was Ink Dye Coasters. He also made a dry erase calendar, and Carla Hall shared DIY kitchen organization tips.

The Chew: Ink Dye Coasters

Though trendy coasters can sell in stores for as much as $70, Clinton showed the team how to make them for $5 or less.


The Chew: Alcohol Ink Dye Coasters & Carla Hall Kitchen Organization

In Clinton’s Craft Corner, The Chew made alcohol ink dye coasters and a DIY dry erase calendar. Plus, Carla Hall shared kitchen organization advice.

Just get four basic white tiles, rubbing alcohol, alcohol ink from a craft store, and felt stickies.

The Chew: Alcohol Ink Dye

Choose a smooth ceramic finish for your tiles. Clean them up with rubbing alcohol, making sure to thoroughly leave a haze of alcohol on the tile. Drip dots of different colored alcohol inks onto the tiles.


Create custom designs using different colors. Clinton said that no two coasters would ever come out the same. Let the colors overlap. The colors will run together eventually, the longer they sit.

The Chew: DIY Ink Coasters

Let the tiles dry for at least an hour so that the ink sets. Optionally, you can paint the edges of your tiles, which would hide the ceramic edges on the sides. The felt pads go on the bottom of each coaster as a protective barrier.

You can also apply a coat of clear finish to really set the ink and prevent it from coming off. This is an easy craft that would also make a great gift.

The Chew: Clinton Kelly DIY Calendar

Next, you can use a picture frame, 35 assorted paint chips, double-sided tape, and a dry erase marker to create your own custom calendar.

Remove the backing from the frame and cover it with craft paper. Choose a color palate that matches your kitchen or office. You may have to cut the paint chips down to size, and arrange them in seven rows and five columns.

The Chew: Dry Erase Calendar Frame

Leave space at the top for the month. Secure the chips to the picture frame backing using double-sided tape. The finished product should be a calendar grid. Slip it back into the picture or poster frame.

Use the dry erase marker to write directly on the poster frame. Then you can erase them and start over again the next month. That is another great craft idea.

The Chew: Carla Hall DIY Kitchen Organization

Carla Hall showed a woman how to get her kitchen in great shape. The basic concept is that organization makes cooking easier and less overwhelming.

  • To organize spices, use chalkboard paint to label the lids of your spice tins.
  • Create a knife block by filling a cylinder with kabob skewers. Knives will slip right in.
  • Store reusable plastic shopping bags in an empty tissue box.
  • Use a dish rack to easily store paper grocery bags for reuse.
  • Mount a curtain rod inside a cabinet door to easily store pot lids.



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    Hello, I have a question on the alcohol ink dye tile. What is the best sealant to spray on tile. So the ink doesn’t smear.Thanks

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