The Chew New York: Big Apple Pizza & Bagel Dog Panini


The Chew Coast To Coast: New York

The Chew’s tour of America’s favorite dishes and regional flavors continued today with an episode centered around New York City cuisine. Though we learned about Atlanta’s Peach Pie and Boston Cream Pie this week, New York’s iconic dessert is cheesecake. Plus The Chew New York superfans faced off to create their favorite dishes with the co-hosts.

The Chew: Michael Symon’s Veal Hoagie Review

The Chew New York: Big Apple Pizza & Bagel Dog Panini

The Chew's New York Edition spoke about Big Apple Pizza and a Bagel Dog Panini.


The recipe for Michael Symon’s Veal Hoagie costs about $4.12 per sandwich and makes eight servings. But how does it taste?

“I like to give it a little extra dip,” Michael said about his preference for including plenty of sauce with the sandwich. He also noted that you can hollow out the sandwich rolls if need be, to create more room for your toppings.

The co-hosts and audience taste testers approved of the sandwich, marveling that seasoning every step of the breading process keeps things from turning out bland.


Jason Roberts: Junior’s New York Cheesecake

The Chew correspondent Jason Roberts checked in with New Yorkers about the city’s most iconic dessert: cheesecake. It all started with a 1973 declaration by New York magazine and the Village Voice, that Junior’s had the best cheesecake in the Big Apple.

Later, Jason Roberts will share more about all the cream cheese and painstaking care that goes into every bite.

But first, Big Apple superfans got a chance to show off their own dinner creations. The co-hosts got to choose from among three fan favorite recipes and make one of the recipes on today’s show.

The Chew: Marie’s Little Italy Spaghetti & Meatballs

Marie Rivera is a native New Yorker whose husband serves the NYPD. She brought her Little Italy Spaghetti & Meatballs for the judges to consider.

“This is a very unique ingredient that I’ve never seen in meatballs before: potato,” Marie said, giving away her secret family recipe passed down through multiple generations. “It gives it incredible texture and it makes it a whole lot lighter.” The judges agreed that the result is fluffy.

The Chew New York: Anuj’s Big Apple Pizza Review

Anuj Mehta is from the New Jersey area and he’s called NYC home for the last 13 years. His creation is Big Apple Pizza, which combines the city’s popular nickname with one of its most ubiquitous foods. The recipe features a whole wheat crust, Blue Cheese sauce, New York Cheddar and Granny Smith apples.

Clinton Kelly appreciated the localism in this recipe, and Daphne learned that Anuj’s late mother inspired his passion for cooking, though he spends his days as a doctor; he believes that being a chef is actually a harder career path than being a doctor.

The Chew New York: Jackie’s Bagel Dog Panini Review

Jackie Nese is another native New Yorker who took two local favorites as inspiration and fused them into a delicious hybrid creation. Jackie’s father always kept bagels in the house, and her mother gave her an unnatural love of hot dogs as a child.

Finding a flat bagel really inspired Jackie to innovate, adding Muenster cheese, onions and spicy mayo to complete her recipe.

The Chew New York Winner: Marie’s Meatballs

Daphne and Clinton had to decide which of the three dishes they wanted to make on the show. They whispered while the other judges bantered and the contestants looked on. Ultimately, they chose to make Marie’s take on Spaghetti and Meatballs.


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