The Chew: Best Uses For Your Microwaves & How Many Americans Can Cook?


The Chew: How Many Americans Can Cook?

Clinton Kelly kicked off The Chew January 25 2013 by telling the rest of the hosts that in a recent survey, 28 percent of Americans said they couldn’t cook. Daphne Oz and Michael Symon wanted to know if they said they can’t, or if they meant that they won’t.

Carla Hall said her sister won’t cook. Her sister burned herself in the kitchen once and uses it as an excuse to never cook. Michael Symon said that it’s easy to jump in and cook when it’s something you’re passionate about, but if the passion isn’t there it’s hard to do it.


The Chew: Best Uses For Your Microwaves & How Many Americans Can Cook?

What do you use the microwave for? Clinton Kelly said that one in five meals in America are made in the microwave.

Daphne said the kitchen is the one place an adult can play and make a mess and it’s no big deal. She said even if you screw up, just suffer a bad meal or throw it out and get take out. What’s the harm? Mario Batali said he grew up in a family where everyone cooked and helped out with cooking. He said there was never a task he or the other kids dreaded.

The Chew: What Should We Use Microwaves For?

Clinton Kelly said that one in every five meals in America are made in the microwave. Clinton asked the other hosts why they don’t use the microwave more on the show.


Michael Symon said the microwave takes the deliciousness out of the food. He said they’re good for steaming vegetables and making popcorn. But he said people shouldn’t put a steak in the microwave and expect it to be delicious.

The Chew: Worth It Or Worthless?

The hosts played a game with the audience called “Worth It or Worthless?” Clinton Kelly showed and explained a kitchen gadget and everyone voted whether it was Worth It or Worthless.

First up was a device you put on the top of your salad dressing to pour out two perfect tablespoons of the dressing. It helps you avoid pouring out too much. Clinton said it was $17. Only one audience member and Mario Batali thought it was worth it.

Another one was a Wine Yoke, a necklace you wear that holds your wine glass for you. Clinton and Carla demonstrated that while the wine glass dangled from your neck, you could say hi to your friends or move around using both your hands. Michael pointed out that you could hold your plate and your wine and still have a hand free.


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