Steve Harvey’s Ultimate Guide To Coffee & Single Father Starts Dating


Steve Harvey: Single Father Gets Sent On a Date

A single father is coming to Steve Harvey for help and Steve is pretty sure he can help him. The father said he is ready to start dating again, which means Steve gets to play the matchmaker. He is setting this father up on some excellent dates with some excellent women. Do you think Steve Harvey has what it takes to help this father find his one true love, or is this single father going to regret coming on the show?

Steve Harvey: Man’s Obsession With Sports Ruining Relationship

Steve Harvey's Ultimate Guide To Coffee & Single Father Starts Dating

Steve Harvey April 2 2013 goes over his ultimate guide to coffee, helps a single father start dating again and watches a two-year-old basketball phenom.


Most women might have the complaint that their significant other watches far too many sports when they should be spending quality time together. Steve Harvey is helping one woman who said her husband’s obsession with sports is literally ruining their relationship. Steve talks with the couple about how they can solve their situation and you are not going to believe the advice he gives out.

Is you husband watching too many sports? Steve Harvey might just have the answer you were looking for to get him off the couch and into your arms.

Steve Harvey’s Ultimate Guide To Coffee

Steve Harvey knows his coffee and he is ready to prove it to the world. He is going to be performing a blind taste test of different kinds of coffee so he can prove he knows his coffee. He is also going to be giving his ultimate guide to coffee, from the best brands to drink to which ones should be drank in the morning, afternoon and night.


Steve Harvey: Tiny Toddler Basketball Player

Steve Harvey is talking with the family of one toddler who is on his way to basketball stardom before he can hardly get both hands around a ball. Harvey is setting up a hoop on set and watching this little toddler do his thing when it comes to shooting hoops.


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